Contemporary minimalist Design Ideas For bungalow

The size of a small house does not mean forcing us to appear sober in design, creativity and […]

The size of a small house does not mean forcing us to appear sober in design, creativity and design exploration can be done in a variety of good home design size sizes small, medium, or large. As in this article, minimalist house design team will discuss a bungalow design, the housing units are located in mountainous areas either for rent or for their own use. Housing units have a unique design with the composition of the material used is a natural stone and wood as its main component. Let’s Check now

Contemporary minimalist design bungalow

Front view of bungalow design was performed with gorgeous by showing a strong wood element in the front area. Martin Fenlon Architecture is the design team of this bungalow, the house is redesigned to be renovated, which previously was an old house that had stood since 1920. The house is located in Los Angles United States has a size that is not so wide, with a simple configuration and a building one floor. Changes shape a lot done on the front of the house, where the form was previously a house with a classic style 1900s and converted into a house with a minimalist visual imagery by using materials that look natural like wood as the main s component.

1 wooden terrace

wooden terrace
2 front view of wooden houses

front view of wooden houses
3 minimalist kitchen With Wood

minimalist kitchen with wood material
4 bedroom minimalist With wood

bedroom minimalist with wood material

The inside of the bungalow is a lot of use of wood materials on some items such as ceiling, roof trusses, floors, furnishings and furniture. Selection of material that is natural is intended to create an atmosphere that is luxurious and beautiful in either housing units or the interior space and outer space. The majority used white walls that give the impression neutral in the room.

5 bathrooms in blue

bathrooms in blue
6 one-story house plans

one-story house plans

House plans this small size you can see in the image above, this home has three bedroom units, and one main room which is used as a family room, kitchen, and dining room. If you want to adopt the design of this bungalow on residential units you can amend the spaces above the unit in accordance with requirements