Maximize Your Furniture Function

Sofa placement and arrangement of space right move is important for home interiors. The reason, a room can […]

Sofa placement and arrangement of space right move is important for home interiors. The reason, a room can function properly if the owner does not merely think of the aesthetic arrangement of furniture.

The beauty and uniqueness is important. However, the designer Estee Stanley, website design and inspiring home Domaine, confirmed that homeowners need to know first each of the functions of his furniture.

In addition, homeowners also need to be aware of how the position or settings that can maximize the function of the furniture. Here are ways that you can maximize the function of furniture:

1. Not force yourself to arrange the interior houses with a symmetrical view

According to Stanley, although the symmetrical arrangement is so popular and gives a classic look, it actually can be wasted architectural features in the room.

The arrangement of this kind also lacks uniqueness. Moreover, not always the rooms were laid out symmetrically functioning properly.

2. Find the difference between symmetrical and balanced

According to Stanley, although it is not necessary to insist make a symmetrical arrangement, homeowners need to find a balance in his house.

The key in finding the balance is to ensure goods and furniture “distributed” throughout the room evenly.

Neutral colors and furniture To maximize furniture
No need to be exactly the same between the right and left, but most importantly, does not feel an empty space on one side and solid on the other side.

3. Prioritizing function in decorating

with this Way, you can think about how you will use the room. If you are among those who often invite guests then the seating arrangements need to be concerned more closely.

In this case, the guests should be able to sit with a relaxed and comfortable in order to encourage the smooth conversation.

4. Creative around the narrow house

If you have limited space to experiment then you have to be creative.

For example, you can select seats manifold ottoman to provide extra seating area. Despite the cramped space, the type of furniture of this kind easily removable as needed.

5. Arrange for a place to sit back to back with each other is not

this method is intended to be a room look fuller. Stanley said that to avoid the back of the seat is one of the tricks of the design.

“For example, the back dining chairs facing the back of the sofa. This solves the space and make the room look fuller,” he added.

Basically, the key to arranging furniture in the house is to ensure a flexible way of life could be applied there. The process can be accompanied by giving attention on the overall feel of indoors.