Minimalist White and Black Bedrooms Interior design Ideas

Minimalist White and Black Bedrooms Minimalist bedroom with combination of white and dark color, we know for sure […]

Minimalist White and Black Bedrooms

Minimalist bedroom with combination of white and dark color, we know for sure that white as the foreground color, black as element balance and is usually bright and flashy colors in use as an accent color.

Minimalist Bedroom (1)

The first design we will discuss is a combination of white color on the walls, carpet and ceiling. With the use of white color on the carpet, a soft impression can be visualized in this room. While light brown accessory is perfect paired with white to pursue its soft impression.

Minimalist Bedroom (2)

A mix of white, light brown and black in the picture above is quite interesting that the black element used on the floor. With a glossy finish wood parquet flooring, and some other elements such as doors and cupboards planting, this design presents an elegant impression accented with a patterned chair carving.

Minimalist Bedroom (3)

We can mix of white and dark colors on the bed, not just the room. Combined with white bed sheet with a blanket of dark and beige color composition turned out pretty good. With the foreground color black, light brown and tempered window glass, minimalist visual imagery appears attached to this bedroom.

Minimalist Bedroom (4)
Design minimalist bedrooms on the image above combine’s elements of white and dark, with a distraction element of retro carpet. With a small table right next to the left as a place to put the goods. By adding a chandelier adds to the artistic image in this bedroom.

Minimalist Bedroom (5)

For those of you who have sized bedrooms are quite spacious, the above design can be used as inspiration is quite unique. With the game level at the rear of the bed, this room can be used as a den or study room where creative ideas for the free time. With the color combination of glossy black furniture and white foreground color plus creamy, of these designs become alternative for you.

Minimalist Bedroom (6)

Again for those of you that have a size of a spacious bedroom, the image above is an example of the minimalist bedrooms are unique. With the game partition and void, the results were different from the others. With the back drop which functioned as a bookshelf, maybe you can use as an activity before you slipped into your rest were asleep.

Minimalist Bedroom (7)

If the position of the minimalist bedrooms you have access to an interesting view as backyard or garden, you can apply this design. With the curtain fabric and breeze from outside your home page, you can imagine how much fun your activities in this bedroom. With brown carpet and ceiling that expose the structure of the upper room, slightly reduces the impression of stiffness in this room.