Soundproof Room Solutions

Soundproof Room Solutions Perhaps you feel your house is perfect, except for one thing, the noise.  If you’re […]

Soundproof Room Solutions
Perhaps you feel your house is perfect, except for one thing, the noise.  If you’re struggling to cope with noise pollution from outside, noisy neighbors, or the voices of the whole, there are a non-permanent solution available and does not need heavy renovations.
It’s important to remember that the hard and slippery surfaces tend to reflect sound better than the uneven surface. If your goal is to reduce noise in the room, the first study in which the unwanted sound originates.
Do not worry if you can not stop the noise when you first installed these tricks.
Often, you may have to experiment a bit before finding the perfect technique for your room.

1. Carpet

When should absorb sound, there is nothing more effective than carpet. Do not be afraid to create on the placement of carpet in your home. Layer the carpet is stacked with each other and some carpets spread around the room. You could also hang a few favorite carpet on the wall to solve the problem of echoes as well.
Of course, even with a large rug can help to drastically change the noise levels in your home. The thickness of the carpet can help absorb reverberation and other loud noises and prevent them from “running” around the house. This solution is very useful if you live in a house with wood or tiled floors.

2. Curtain

Too much noise outside your window? Perhaps it is time to invest in some blinds.
Double layer on the curtains helped create a thickness that helps drown out unwanted noise to enter your home.

3. Art

Believe it or not, the canvas painting can muffle the sound. To create a work of art soundproof, you must first have a canvas with art paintings, which can be bought or make your own.

After having artwork, install acoustic panels or tiles behind him. Make sure the tile is cut to the size of the artwork, then add glue and attach it to the wall.

According to NASA, ornamental plants is one of the best ways to improve air quality.
4. Plants

Maybe some of you did not think that the plants can act as a silencer for any room.

Leaves and stems can refract, absorb and deflect noise in the vicinity.

So, immediately select few plants according to your taste and start decorating the home by placing the plants.

As a side note, the larger plants can help reduce noise better than smaller plants.

5. bookshelf

Heavy and solid objects help prevent unwanted noise. If you share a wall with a neighbor or roommate is noisy, this is the perfect solution.

You just need to put the bookcase and began to fill it with favorite books. More, the better!

6. Seal air flows on the door and an egg carton

Want super quick fix to solve your noise problem?
Try installing door draft shield protector or air commonly installed under the door.

Besides intercepting the air, this object is also effective to keep unwanted noise seeping under the door. In addition, of course, you can always reuse some egg cartons.

Create the cartons have a little more beautiful by painting so it is suitable for your decor. Then, paste on the wall.

7. Sheets of cork

Cork is a natural sound absorbed and would be a simple way to make the room soundproof. Cover an entire wall with cork or a portion of every room to suit your taste.