Start to Design Super Comfortable Bedroom

  after our daily activity quality rest become our main priority to keep our health. Quality sleep will […]


after our daily activity quality rest become our main priority to keep our health. Quality sleep will affects our productivity of the next day. Did you know that the quality of sleep can be improved with a good room design, which supports all activities in the master bedroom? Well how? Perhaps this tips will allow you with additional ideas for your bedroom design

Bedroom  Theme Design

Step 1

Use a theme that you like the design of the master bedroom. Suppose retro interior is style you like, then use and synchronize with other design elements such as the bed, wall hangings, shelves, walls, and ceiling. By wearing a favorite theme bedroom will feel the bedroom yours is a special room for a break.

Pillow Top Bedroom Design

Step 2

Place the pillows in sufficient quantities, not too much or less. If you want to wear around, make sure it does not exceed the number of pillows. It would seem strange if the roll more than the number of pillows. To use the color matching color with the color of bed sheets and a space theme.

Bedroom Design Tips Top

Step 3

Pick a comfortable and soft carpet. By using a soft carpet bedroom will feel more comfortable and comfortable. This kind of atmosphere is needed at the moment we need a super cozy atmosphere end of the day. When set foot on the carpet like a warming up before go to bed.

Bedroom Design Tips Top 2

Step 4

Use seat match with the theme of the master bedroom. Seating you can use to move ahead of your break, or it could also be used towards activity on the morning after comfortable sleep at night. Note routed, make sure it’s right so that the seat can accommodate functions optimally /

Top Tips Bedroom Design 3

Step 5

If you like the collection goods, put enough on the master bedroom. For example, the stamp is a collection of your favorite, most of your favorite collections put on the rack easily visible. Enjoy a collection of your dream on the eve of the break will make us more comfortable and remind us of the things that we like.

Bedroom Design Tips Top 4

Step 6

if you intend to put photos with beautiful frames, make sure the photo is not inviting a high emotional state. For example, pictures of your family members who were gathered there, let alone pictures is attached to the other room. For that is in the master bedroom, ample photo that gave the feel of peace and does not remind you of all the problems that complex. For example, pictures on the theme of nature or abstract pictures.

Bedroom Design Tips Top 5

Step 7
put a small table next to the bed. This small table you can use to store important items of a personal nature and you frequently use. Such as watches, glasses, or maybe jewelry is only released when a particular moment.

This table can also be used to put a reading lamp, or a collection of readings. Make sure the size of this table in accordance with its function. In terms of design is harmony with other elements such as color, texture and finish you should consider.

Bedroom Design Tips Top 6
Step 8
The last thing not to miss is in choosing a mattress. As the main furniture in your bedroom is certainly the selection of the right mattress is very important. In terms of the size of things to consider are your needs, and the amount of room. If the room is large enough to wear king-size bed is certainly the right choice.

Apart from the size, the selection of foam and sheet are quite important.

In terms of color and material would need to choose which one is suitable and comfortable for you.