The Three Ways Custom Lanyards Make a Video Game Event More Social and a Whole Lot Better

What is the most seen thing at any kind of video game event? The answer isn’t so obvious […]

What is the most seen thing at any kind of video game event? The answer isn’t so obvious amiss all the booths, banners, and new game announcements. The answer is people. People are the thing anyone sees the most of. Lanyards fit right over the people attending the event.

How can lanyards contribute, albeit in a small way, to the scale and success of a video game event? Events rely on the conversation- the thing that livens up crowds and gets passionate fans together under one roof.

  • Social Connectivity: Many small conversations make for a great event. They all combine, and help fuel passionate conversations among fans. Lanyards are a small way to lower the barrier of conversation. A lanyard could have a name and a role, such as a programmer, fan, or VIP. Two people could catch each other’s lanyard, only to spark a conversation.
  • Promotions: Promotions seek to offer great deals on things fans may not buy if they were anywhere else. Sonic Boom 2012 offered the perfect promotional set-up. The event was celebrating the release of Sonic Boom, arguably the first great Sonic the Hedgehog title in 20 years. The event, as fueled by Sonic Radio, happened to bring Sonic fans in huge quantities. The event propelled sales of Sonic Boom amidst fledging Sonic sales. Obviously, the idea worked because Sonic Boom is a legitimately solid game. It also gave a reason for fans to revisit what they want from Sonic.
  • Organization and Title Defining: One attendee is an original programmer from Sonic & Knuckles. People wouldn’t necessarily know that. A custom lanyard can display that detail. The person could be VIP, and that could be enough to start a few new conversations and meetings at an event. Everyone may be attending as a fan. But, by reaking it down one step further, the event leaders can take advantage of special people with a special viewpoint on the thing being celebrated and indulged in.

Sonic Boom 2012 is really only a small example in the millions of events that have used custom lanyards wonderfully. Colors, size designs, and roles alongside the name have helped bring people together.

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