White Minimalist Interior Design Ideas With Wood Accents

The color white is a neutral color that is nice to combine with a variety of other colors. […]

The color white is a neutral color that is nice to combine with a variety of other colors. With white color as the background color or the dominant color in a room, the designers will be easier to explore either in the form of others colors. We will discuss about home interior design with white as the base color and the wood as accent.

The combination of these two elements creates an atmosphere that is classy and elegant interior, wood element was seen in various corners of the room, while the white color used on some major fields such as walls and ceilings.

White minimalist interior wood accents

The interior of the apartments we found at a property broker Alvhem’s website is has an attractive design, a combination of minimalist and natural style of beautiful and memorable comfortable to use. The apartments are located in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden tried to be different by exploring the beauty and exoticism of solid wood finished with melamine so that the beauty of the fiber is still seen as a natural element in almost every room in this apartment.

1 white minimalist living room

white minimalist living room
2 kitchen in white

kitchen in white
3 solid wood dining room table

solid wood dining room table
4 kitchen combination of white chocolate

kitchen combination of white chocolate
5 brown white dining room

brown white dining room

In kitchen area looks dominant wood used on the dining table, dining table using a table top made from solid wood with a melamine finish. The beauty of wood fiber shape and looks so chic and elegant at the center of the middle of the room with a pleasant view. Walls, ceilings, and finishing kitchen cabinet using white as a neutral background for elements in the room. For floor use wood parquet flooring with brown color that looks finished younger than other wood accents.

6 elegant white living room

elegant white living room
7 dining room in white

dining room in white
8 design of transition space

design of transition space
9 work space sloping roof

work space sloping roof
10 walk in closet ceiling sloping

walk in closet ceiling sloping
11 bedroom sloping ceiling

bedroom sloping ceiling
12 unique minimalist bedroom

unique minimalist bedroom

On the second floor area, bedroom placed in a room with sloping ceiling. This room happened to be right under the sloped roof is quite extreme. Design theme raised still more in tune with the design of the room. For ceiling design follows the slope of the roof condition, some elements of wood is also seen as a beautiful room accent as in lists ceilings, chairs, and other furniture.

13 minimalist-floor house plans

minimalist-floor house plans 1st floor
14 two-floor house plans minimalist

two-floor house plans minimalist

Apartment floor plan can be seen in the image above, the apartment consists of two levels connected by a vertical ladder.