Your House Hunting Checklist

Think you’re ready to hit the town and find the piece of Terrell Hills real estate of your […]

Think you’re ready to hit the town and find the piece of Terrell Hills real estate of your dreams?

You have a pair of comfortable shoes, a pad to make notes and even a camera to capture certain aspects of the homes for sale. Although all of these things are important when viewing Terrell Hills real estate, what you really need is a good checklist.

We have devised a Terrell Hills real estate house hunting checklist so you will be fully prepared when you begin the search for your next home:

•             Deal Breakers – Your Terrell Hills real estate house hunting checklist should include a list of deal breakers, or things that you absolutely cannot have in your new home. Deal breakers, of course, will be vastly different for every homebuyer, so really take the time to consider what things would be absolute deal breakers for you and your family. For example, if you have a dog, a potential deal breaker would be a home without a backyard. If you have kids, a deal breaker could be a home that is near a busy street. Consider the things most important to your family when making your checklist of deal breakers.

•             Must Haves – Must haves are features of a home that must be met in order to accommodate you and your family. For example, a must have for a large family may be a home with at least four bedrooms, while a must have for a professional may be a study or a den. Consider your must haves and don’t stray from your list, particularly if you find yourself getting stars in your eyes. Remember: think with your head and not your heart when choosing a home so you can be certain your needs and your family’s needs are being met.

•             Bonus Features – Bonus features for a home may include that extra full bathroom, an eat-in kitchen or a fenced-in backyard. I like to think of bonus features according to the following sentence: I would really appreciate a (fill in the blank). In other words, they are certainly not must haves, but they may make the Terrell Hills real estate property all the more attractive if it had this particular feature.

•             Wish List – Your Terrell Hills house hunting checklist should have a wish list. Your wish list should not be a huge consideration when choosing a home, but it can be something you may strive to achieve. For example, your wish list may be a swimming pool or a master bathroom Jacuzzi tub. It is important to make a wish list so you can distinguish between your wants and needs.

•             Location – Let’s face it: the location of your new home should be tops on your list. Depending on your needs, the location of your home to your children’s school, your job, the local shopping mall, or public transportation may all be a consideration when looking for a home. Because of the importance of location, it is always good to find a trusted realtor through a company like VIP Realty San Antonio to help you find a home that best fits your wants and needs.

A comprehensive checklist when viewing Terrell Hills real estate will keep you organized and focused, and will keep you on task.

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